Audio-Visual Processing Laboratory (VIPLAB)

VIPLAB is a research lab hosted at and certified by PUC Minas (Belo Horizonte Campus, Brazil), and it has started its operation in 2004. The main project areas are: digital image, video and audio processing; multimedia indexing and retrieval; multimedia content analysis. Many projects have been conducted with cooperation of other institutions and/or labs, such as NPDI/DCC/UFMG, IC/UNICAMP, TEXMEX/IRISA and ESIEE/FRANCE. And, besides the projects developed with the participation of several graduate and undergraduate students, VIPLAB has also been involved in bilateral programs for international cooperation such as FAPEMIG-INRIA, CAPES-BRAFITEC and CAPES-COFECUB.


Acceptance of CAPES/COFECUB project involving Brazil-France being coordinated by Prof. Silvio - December, 2018
First defensis in English in our Graduate Program in Informatics - 20th November, 2017
Special Session at IJCNN 2018 co-organized by members of our team
Talk of Prof. Silvio at IME/USP - 26th October, 2017
Participation of Prof. Silvio as invited speaker at Workshop FAPEMIG/PUC Peru - 05-06th October, 2017


Multimedia information processing (= audio, images, videos, …)

Very large unstructured database (or semi-structured)
Different modals for describing the information (= multimodality)
Different ways for describing the information (= multifeature)

Approaches in different levels

Low - Selection and combining of descriptors/ Data indexing and retrieval
Medium - Data mining / Identification of components: objs, people, places,…
High - Knowledge discovery: violency, trend topics, …


postal address Computer Science Department, Rua Walter Ianni, 255 - São Gabriel - BH/MG/Brazil - CEP: 31980110
office address Office L306
facsimile \(+55 (31) 3439 5204\)
telephone \(+55 (31) 3439 5204\)
e-mail sjamil at pucminas dot br

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